Corporate & Community

Nutrition & Wellness Programs

Barbara Schmidt, MS, RDN, CDN


Multi-Session Programs:

Transformations Weight Loss Program:

  • 8 classes - 1 hour each
  • Small support group, 8-10 participants
  • Group meetings include discussion on lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, attitude, relationships and behavior modification techniques.
  • Each participant receives the tools to structure and meal plan based upon estimated caloric requirement for weight loss, medical history, food preferences and lifestyle.
  • Each participant will be closely monitored through weekly food diaries and weight-in

Healthy Hearts/Heart Smart:

Learn to decrease fats and increase fiber in your diet in order to lower cholesterol and improve the health of your heart.

  • 4 sessions - 1.5 hr each
  • Topics include: Heart Smart Lingo/Fats in Our Blood & Fats in Our Diet, Recipe Modification, Healthy Snacking, Dining Out strategies, Weighting the Facts about Weight Control, The Fiber Connection/Low Carb Right Carb, Eating wisely during the Holidays, Shaking the Salt Out, Keeping Your Backfield in Motion, Decoding the Food Label and a Supermarket Tour.

Eat Well-Live Well:

This program provides strategies to strengthen your body’s defenses against infection, reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis.

  • 4 sessions - 1.5 hr each
  • Classes include:

Healthy Heart-Strategies to Lower Fat & Cholesterol,
Low Carb-Right Carb: The Fiber Connection,
Weighting the Facts about Weight Control,
Keeping your Backfield in Motion,
Micronutrients for Your Immune System,
Getting Hooked on Fish,
The Joy of Soy,
Boning Up on Calcium,
Decoding the Food Label


One-Hour Talk/Programs:

Fueling the Fabulous Female
Boning Up on Osteoporosis
Feeding our Children so they can Learn Better
Weighting the Facts about Weight Control
Surviving the Holiday Festive Feasting
How to be Heart Smart
Guidelines to Keep You Healthy
The Incredible, Edible…Soy Bean
Sports Nutrition: Fueling Your Stroke
My Baby & Me
Supermarket Tour: Decoding the Food Label
Health Fairs & Cooking Demonstrations - Designed accordingly